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The motto at Victoria Trail Organics is: “It’s time to get back to our roots.”   And that is exactly what founders Terry and Chantal Prockiw are doing.

In 2006, Terry and Chantal moved from Edmonton to Grande Prairie in search of work in their respective professional fields – Terry as a lawyer and Chantal as a registered nurse.   Things were going just fine in Grande Prairie, but then in 2012 Terry’s grandparents offered to sell them the 3rd generation family farm located on Victoria Trail near Smoky Lake, Alberta.

After months of wrestling with the consequences of the decision at hand, Terry and Chantal finally gave in to their hearts, bought the farm and made the move back home.  Chantal left behind a busy nursing career and Terry has now all but wound up his legal practise - no turning back on the farming adventure they began five years ago!!

Over the past five years they have developed a passion for growing garlic that is obvious and contagious.  They are confident that once you have grown and tasted garlic grown from Victoria Trail Organics seed, you will never go back to California garlic!

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